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The National Road Military Antique Show may be new to the show circuit, but the people behind the name are anything but new to the military collecting world. Becoming an official team in the fall of 1998, Mike and Monica Willey have both been attending shows as early as 1985.

Mike Willey

Co-Lead Organizer

Mike, originally from Zanesville, Ohio began his collecting career at the age of 8 when he would trade Buffalo nickels with the janitor at his elementary school for military patches. Forty plus years later you will find him pounding the pavement in search of local Civil War relics, World War One, World War Two and more recent conflicts including items featuring combat and/or local veterans.  Mike works in the field of education specializing in services for individuals with unique learning needs. In his free time you will find Mike interviewing veterans and researching his collection.


Monica Willey

Co-Lead Organizer

Growing up in Northeast Ohio, Monica found her love for history at a very early age. Sitting on her grandfather’s lap being read fascinating stories from the most recent National Geographic magazine her love for history and travel quickly developed. While attending The Ohio State University she became sales representative for an art distributor from the Atlanta Georgia area. This position allowed her to travel and begin attending military shows across the country and eventually teaming up with Mike. Presently Monica works in the healthcare industry as well as the education sector with individuals who exhibit communication deficits and swallowing disorders. In her free time you will find her in any one of our nation’s National Parks from Acadia to Sequoia or somewhere in between.


Drayton Willey


Joining the team in 2004, Drayton attended her first show at four months of age.  She quickly developed a passion for antiques as at the age of six, she made her first purchase after finding dinnerware for a quartermaster under a table in an antique shop for fifty cents. After selling that along with seven additional pieces for a profit, Drayton became hooked on finding her next “investment”.  Drayton is an active sports enthusiast as she is co-captain of her volleyball team, a cheerleader and a member of the varsity track team. When not playing sports or rooting on The Ohio State Buckeyes, Drayton can be found anywhere adventure leads her as she is a travel enthusiast. Her favorite place to visit is the Badlands of South Dakota.

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